Reversible Cast Iron Griddle
reversible cast iron griddle
Reversible Cast Iron Griddle
Reversible Cast Iron Griddle
Reversible Cast Iron Griddle
Reversible Cast Iron Griddle
Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

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Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

Our cast iron griddle has two sides to it which will enhance the way you cook your food. One side is ridged to give your food a seared/stripy finish and the channels on the sides will drain away excess fat. Many people find that the griddle is a more efficient way of cooking and you will find that the large surface distributes the heat evenly.

What is the griddle made of?

Our Griddle is made from heavy, durable cast iron that is built to last a lifetime so you can be sure that you will get many happy years of cooking from the griddle. As well as this, you will find that the other side is flat so you can use it as a hot plate for cooking, so you can cook anything from eggs to scotch pancakes. The griddle is hard-wearing and will heat up quickly. In addition, you will love how easy the griddle is to set up, use, and clean. Storing the griddle is really easy and it won't take up much room in your cupboard.

Due to the properties of cast iron, you can use the griddle on:

  • Induction Hobs
  • Electric & Gas cookers
  • AGA / solid top cookers
  • BBQs
  • Ovens
  • Under the grill
  • You can also take it on your next camping trip and use it on a camping gas stove

When using on Induction Hob/Stovetop: Always check with the manufacture before using cast iron. When using on induction follow the seasoning routine on every use and slowly bring the griddle/pan/skillet to temperature. If heated too quickly it may crack.

Cleaning your cast iron griddle

The griddle is incredibly easy to clean, all you need is a wire brush and hot water. It is not recommended for dishwasher use or using a detergent for cleaning. It must be dried immediately after cleaning.

It comes with full instructions on how to prepare the cast iron griddle for first use, maintain, and clean.


  • Overall Size inc Handles 46cm x 23cm
  • Cook Area Size 36.5cm x 23cm
  • 3kg

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