Christmas Gift Ideas 2020

Find the perfect Christmas gifts for 2020 for the foodies in your life! We have a wide range of unique products that will WOW your friends and family.
Below is our TOP 5 best sellers
1. For the steak lover:
We have a wide range of exclusive Black Rock Grill hot stone cooking sets that allow you to cook your meal live at the table, cook your steak how you like it sizzling hot till the very last bite!
We have individual stones, sharing sets and gift sets available.
2. For the keen baker:
Our beautiful solid granite baking stone is the key to baking the perfect loaf. The stone promotes even heat and holds that heat well which allows for an even and steady bake which you won’t get from a regular baking sheet. You will find that the stone also absorbs extra moisture that will make your bake crispier. Used by professional bakers around the world. Comes with a cooling rack for safe handling to the table.
3. For the BBQ King /Griller:
Our solid reversible cast iron griddle is the perfect gift this Christmas for people who love to grill. Our cast iron griddle has two sides to it which will enhance the way you cook your food. One side is ridged to give your food a seared/stripy finish and the channels on the sides will drain away excess fat. The other side is smooth ideal for welsh cake and pancakes. Many people find that the griddle is a more efficient way of cooking and you will find that the large surface distributes the heat evenly.
Because the griddle is solid cast iron it can be used on:
Induction Hobs, Electric & Gas cookers, AGA / solid top cookers, BBQs, Ovens, Under the grill, you can also take it on your next camping trip and use it on a camping gas stove
Our cast iron fajita sizzler pan set is perfect for sizzling fajitas, steaks, chicken wings, curries & tapas.
You can heat the pans on: Induction Hobs, Electric & Gas cookers, AGA / solid top cookers, BBQs, Ovens, Under the grill
4. For the Pizza Lover
pizza stone
14” of beautiful solid granite makes the best pizza stone. Used by professionals worldwide this pizza stone will give you the ultimate stone baked pizzas at home. The granite pizza stone distributes heat evenly so your whole pizza is cooked to perfection. It absorbs additional moisture for a crisper bake and helps to improve the rise. A metal cooling rack is included for easy transportation to the table. The pizza stone holds it heat well after it is removed from the oven so will keep your pizza warm at the table.
We also offer a gift set which includes a pair of heat resistant Black Rock Grill gloves for safe handling out of the oven.
5. Sizzling Stone Dolsot Bowl:
Black Rock Grill's Dolsot bowl is perfect for cooking sizzling rice, noodles and Bibimbap. Although the bowl is mainly used for Bibimbap, there are lots of other traditional recipes you can try as well such as 5-grain rice, noodles, Korean soybean paste, soup and so much more.
With this in mind, If you are looking to try something a bit different for dinner, we recommend trying out our recipe for Bibimbap.
And in addition, Dolsot bowls can also be used to keep food warm which means you could put stew or soup in there once it has been heated.
All you need to do is heat the Dolsot bowl in the oven for 45 minutes or on the hob for 5-10 minutes. Then you add some sesame oil and coat the inside of the bowl. Once this happens, the oil will then start to crackle and you can add your ingredients. The bowl then cooks the food at the table. There will hear a sizzling noise as the food cooks which just adds to the unique experience.
The Dolsot bowls can withstand high temperatures and will cook your food perfectly. In fact, many people find that the bowl is perfect for dinner parties and family dinners. Each bowl measures 17cm across and is 10cm deep. View our Stone Dolsot Bowl.

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